Weftbar Hair Textures

Weftbar Hair Texture: ASHA Kinky Coily


The ASHA is our kinky coily hair texture that has strands similar to the 4B/4C hair type with Z-shaped tight curls.


Weftbar Hair Texture: BIANCA Kinky Curly


The BIANCA is our kinky curly hair texture that has strands similar to the tightly curled 4B hair type with S-shaped coils.


Weftbar Hair Texture: OLIVIA Kinky Straight


The OLIVIA is our kinky straight hair texture that is similar to the 4B hair type, and has strands that resembles the combo look of both a blown out natural and a braid out.


Weftbar Hair Texture: JEN Kinky Relaxed Straight


The JEN is our kinky relaxed straight hair texture that has straightened strands similar to chemically relaxed hair. The JEN may curl or wave when wet.


Weftbar Hair Texture: SARAH Silky Straight


The SARAH is our silky straight hair texture that has smooth and straight strands with naturally tapered ends.


Weftbar Hair Texture: LAUREN Silky Body Wave


The LAUREN is our silky body wave hair texture that has soft, smooth strands that are straight with a slight wave.


Weftbar Hair Texture: HAYLIE Silky Loose Curl


The HAYLIE is our silky loose curl hair texture that has well-defined waves with bouncier, fuller strands.


Weftbar Hair Texture: JAIMIE Silky Beach Wave


The JAIMIE is our silky beach wave hair texture with both slightly straight and slightly wavy, relaxed strands.